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NVAC Initiative

We hope to achieve the following 

  1. In the next coming months share a mathematical model of planning logistics and distribution in area with assumptions like doses vis a vis people impacted, demographics, number of days we would like the excercise to be completed in. 
  2. For this the work is divided into 
    1. Analysis
      1. Of Existing Data 
        1. Population Outlays
        2. Existing Network for Supply and Management
        3. Number of people those that can be impacted by the existing network in short amount of time.
      2. Feedback from current system stakeholders
        1. Identification of existing challenges forseen in the ramp up.
        2. Places where the eVIN or other open source vaccine distribution softwares have not been implemented.
    2. Planning 
      1. Getting out with a plan and SOPs for execution in agreement with medical professionals in regards to fast and practical immunizations per hour by one health worker. 
      2. State level planning
      3. National sourcing and distribution hubs.
      4. Plan for tagging of people who have been immunized. (initial possibility of probably using the Aargoya Setu App for the same.)
      5. Who will get vaccinated first?
        1. Health Workers
        2. Government Officials
        3. Essential Services
        4. etc. 
    3. Execution
      1. Creating a report and an actionable plan 
      2. Identifying cold storage assets and logistical infra where ever gaps are identified in existing supply chains.
      3. Will people be asked to come to vaccination centers ? or Will health workers go to each house or dwelling to immunize the people ?


The initiative is supported by INDICOLD. Indicold is a private entity engaged in the activity of providing cold warehousing services. This is a non-commercial initiative with the aim that we are able to give something back to the community by being better prepared for the future when we have a more lasting solution available. Also, that solution reaches everyone RICH or POOR at the same time.   


We are small startup and cannot do this mammoth task alone. We are looking for startups who might have existing solutions for transportation or software technology solutions. Lets all work together and present a comprehensive to necessary decision makers to make this happen. Please register at the link given on the home page. 

We are just getting started. :).